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Wine List of the Year Thailand

The Wine List of the Year Thailand Awards was established in 2011 as a National competition recognizing the efforts and expertise amongst the hotels, resorts, restaurants cafes and wine bars in the development of wine lists and wine culture in Thailand. Wine List of the Year Thailand Awards promotes and rewards excellence of these venues. The online registration for the Awards is open to all food and beverage establishments in Thailand.

Wine List of the Year Thailand was established by Jon Hyams, wine industry devotee for 30 years and director of The Genuine Palate, one of South East Asia's leading wine brand management companies. "I saw a need for increasing the awareness of quality wines in Thailand and to achieve quality in any market, one needs to first build an understanding or a culture".

Three years on, we are witnessing a surge of quality wine importers, a greater consumer thirst for quality, artisan wines and more intelligent wine lists from quality conscious operators.

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